The right to remain silent: Even the most innocent statement you make to a law enforcement official during an Atlanta DUI arrest is virtually guaranteed to be used against you in court. Do not assume you know the difference between an innocent statement and a statement that may guarantee your conviction. Exercise your right to remain silent if you do not have an attorney at your side.

The right to refuse a chemical blood alcohol test: Georgia has implied consent laws, which essentially mean that you consented to a chemical blood test by virtue of driving on the highways in Georgia. As such, your license is automatically suspended if you refuse to take the test, even if you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you refuse. Still, this might be an acceptable consequence, particularly if you suspect your Blood Alcohol Concentration is likely to be high because it reduces the amount of detailed evidence against you. You need to make this determination.

The right to refuse a field sobriety test: Not to be confused with chemical tests, the police may ask you to perform such activities during a drunk driving arrest in Atlanta as walking a straight line, standing on one leg, or various verbal tests. These test are generally considered unscientific in nature and may not hurt your